Best Web3 Jobs in Crypto 2022

Best Web 3.0 Jobs

Our digital reality is slowly starting to transfer from an old Web 2.0 era to the new and prospective Web 3.0. But what kind of peculiarities will the world of crypto bring for us? One of the obvious answers to that question is jobs. With so many new concepts added, the IT world will need plenty of specialists capable of working with blockchain technology.

We have done the research and discovered the most relevant job opportunities that will appear in Web 3.0 on 2022. So, if you are looking for a new IT job, then you can use this article as a guide to choosing the best Web3 Job.

# Blockchain developer

As an increasing number of new companies are entering a web 3.0 market, they require lots of developers who know how to program blockchain. The tasks will include writing smart contracts and programming decentralized apps. In addition, you will design blockchain protocols while doing back-end development according to them and front-end designs.

To apply for that job, you will need to know at least one of the programming languages used for blockchain programming and learn the basics of DApps/Smart Contract coding. A good addition to the technical knowledge will be an ability to work in a team, as it will be usual practice.

# Full stack engineer

Unlike a blockchain developer, a full-stack engineer will require you to utilize a much wider specter of skills and take more of a leading role in developing web 3.0 content. Your job will be to develop a high-quality design, conduct tests, and complete the implementation of software applications. It will be hard to do all that on your own, so you will usually lead a small crypto professionals team.

As there are so many tasks you should cover, this vacancy demands way more experience and attention to detail than a blockchain developer.

# Designers

Like web2 startups, new projects within a web 3.0 space must be visually attractive. And here comes the profession that we are all familiar with; designer. You will need to take a leading role in creating visual designs for the websites, crypto tokens’ appearance, and even for metaverses. Metaverse project is entirely weaved from various graphic elements, and designers will have plenty of work in this sphere.

If you have any creative background, for example, if you are a graduate of the art school or some kind of courses, you will find your job in web 3.0 design. However, remember that designers have a broad job choice starting with 2D art and finishing with 3D objects.

# Marketing specialists

Even though web3 companies have much contrast with web2 ones, their marketing needs are the same. So if you have managed to grab marketing experience from the previous job, maybe it is your time to transfer those skills into the web3 environment. Your tasks will stay relatively the same, like developing a marketing company and trying to improve it further based on analytics.

# Testers

Each new project created within web3 will probably have many minor flaws resulting in bugs and inappropriate work. That is where testers come into play. Before the project is released to the market, its beta version will be given to you. And then, you have to conduct full expertise to find the flaws and bugs. This will be one of the most popular jobs in web3, as almost any project demands tester skills.

There are lots of people who might already have some experience in testing, so they can smoothly become a candidate for web3 jobs.

# Crypto project developer

Many prospective developers seek specialists who know how crypto works and are ready to complete diverse tasks. Crypto developer jobs are quite different. Some teams will need programmers, others creative employees, content creators, and all the jobs we mentioned previously.

So if you want to become a part of the crypto developers’ team, such jobs should be a good choice for you.


As you see, there are plenty of different web3 jobs which you are already familiar with. Right now is just the right time to start studying a subject you like, as you have lots of time until the web3 era is fully implemented. But if you can quickly learn the basics and satisfy the needs of employers, you might get the job already.


What is the most prospective job in Web3?

Blockchain developer is one of the most demanded jobs in Web3.

How can I get the Web 3.0 job?

You will need to learn the basics, create a resume, and pass the interview.

Can I transfer my previous working skills to a Web3 environment?

Yes, such jobs as designers, marketing specialists, etc., will have to complete very similar tasks in Web 3.0.